about me
Me I'm 24 years old, a girl, born in Bratislava (Slovakia), currently living in Prague (Czech Republic).
I finished a graphic design school in Vienna (Austria) in autumn 2007 and worked since then as graphic designer and freelance illustrator.
I learned go in summer 06 and immediately fell in love with the beautiful game and the incredibly friendly and fascinating people playing it. After years of concentrating on go and art, I realized I was slowly getting old and decided to try and devote some of my life to my third passion - science. In autumn 2011, I finally started studying microbiology and biochemistry at the Charles university here in Prague.
Go had to move into the background a bit, but still creeps into my view on everyday life here and there.
This comic is now about four years old, and what started with occasional little drawings of things happening around and to me slowly developed into a project that continues to have major influence on my life.

I hope you enjoy reading my comic at least half as much as I enjoy drawing it! Feel free to contact me either through mail or through KGS (I'm chid0ri there) if there's anything you need.
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