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E3A Stays in Prague

It is one of the emptytriangle-goes-to posters, but this time I was, very very suprisingly, invited to a local tournament! I am not really going anywhere (maybe a short tram ride or something), and the tournament has a very artistically uninspiring title, so I just improvised and chose the topic according to what I associate with Prague - my desire to study here. So here is a mix of go and science :)

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Name_symbol RiverSong <2010-12-19 06:22>
  I want the Go Stone-tree! Finally, the solution to eaten Go stones!
Name_symbol JeansebL <2010-04-07 20:49>
  Very nice, 9p artist :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol vertigo <2010-04-02 08:03>
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