infobox in russian <2012-02-12 21:51>

thanks to the go player Morriell, Russian-speaking go players can read the comic too! She took upon herself the crazy task to translate the strips, and I think she is doing a great job with it. You can find the Russian version of Empty Triangle here:

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Welcome to the infobox and the shop! <2011-08-27 19:23>

Finally, and largely thanks to pasky, I came around to finish the two missing sections of the website.
I have neglected the comic for a long time, since my life was in need of some serious sorting - but I feel like drawing again. I don't know how many of the wonderful go players who used to read this comic are still around after such a horrible treatment I gave to the website, but a big thanks goes to all those who still do :) I hope you'll keep enjoying this little project of mine.
This infobox should give me an opportunity to inform you about things happening in relation to the Empty Triangle comic - for example about upcoming events that I will attend in its name... everything not getting drawn about or too long for the News column is going to end up here, if it is worth mentioning :)
More importantly however, The Empty Triangle shop is open for bussiness now! I opted for Etsy as a platform, since it is easy to use and all the items on offer are hand-made by me. There is a comments option available directly here in the infobox, or drop me an email if you have wishes as to what you want me to have on offer in the shops - or ithere is a question you want to ask :)
Hello (and a big hug!) to all the old readers, welcome to all the new ones!

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