Ing Clock
Who does not know them.. or should I rather ask if there is someone who likes them? My first encounter with ING-clocks was at my first tournament - I approached them with fear and distrust (like everything else in there; my fear back then was a global one including everything concerning go), and when it disclaimed its traditional "black counting begin" I nearly fell off the chair.
However - I ended up being fascinated by them :)
The kibitzing ING clock (or, as someone suggested lately, "kibitz-ing-clock") in the comic adds a whole new dimension to the device - a sarcastic, evil personality. I can perfectly imagine it drinking and smoking - luckily it's an inanimate object :)
Age:unknown (I tried to find out but failed)
Gender:male ...clock.
Rank:claims to be "a high dan pro, are
you so weak that you can't even tell?"
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