#010 "Shirt"
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Creator's comments
I know, this strip is kinda odd. I'm sorry ^_^" But I'll do my best to explain..

Most of the ideas for E3A-strips come to me on tournaments - so much new and interesting things happen there and my mind, completely not used to this kind of event, always depicts something - things that average go-players find commonplace I often see as ridiculous and unusual...

when attending a tourney in Prague I met tons of new really interesting people, among them this czech player wearing a shirt I immediately liked a lot - and since I was afraid as hell of that player (did I mention that I have strong-go-player-phobia?) I kept bugging my friends with constantly telling them how awesome that shirt was - until one of them suggested to go and just take it. And I enjoy drawing things I never-ever would have the courage to do..

I kept hiding this pic a long time - what if someone would recognize that player? Or.. HE himself would somehow see it and recognize HIMSELF? >_<

...well.. there is a picture under related artwork, Blansko I. , wich shows me handing this picture to him.. and he - suprisingly - didn't kill me! yay!
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-06 06:48>
  i love the almost evil representation in the 3rd part, then a cute smiling face after. this is another one that i love.
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