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Welcome to KGS
Creator's comments
I am a jerk, really... I mean, I complain about my inability to draw complicated stuff, and then the idea "hey, I want to draw KGS!" comes up and there I go attempting to draw an internet go server >_<

First of all, please guys, don't kill me for this rather silly interpretation. You want the poor empty triangle to find happiness, do you? And someone needs to draw that ^_^"
I am not long on KGS, I came there autumn 06, immmediately liked that place but never got used to playing there. I never do until now (you have to be really persuasive) - I prefer to hide in the Slovak national room I own and observe the surroundings.. and this is the product of my observation.
There are all in all 15 particular people in that chaotic picture of mine - and I have a tiny request: If you think you have discovered yourself, I'd like to know :) Leave a message in the guestbook if you feel like it!
Last of all, that guy I am introducing KGS to is Sutech, the guy behind the whole programming of this site.

Here is a larger version of the picture, for those who want to try out their knowledge and skills in identifying those people :)
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Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2012-06-05 23:54>
  quarktime, yes he is there :)
mike, that's a guy, his nickname is Sutech and he helped me to make this website... he's long-haired like that.
kostuek, I guess it's a habit of left-handers to draw their pictures left-handed too... XD
Name_symbol kostuek <2012-03-14 23:34>
  i found the hand of god. and god is left-hander! how interesting... :)

P.S. Great work, i love it
Mail_symbol Name_symbol mateo <2011-12-10 06:12>
  the sandbaggers! :)
Name_symbol mike <2011-06-16 09:16>
  who is your friend? is she areal person? whats her name?
Name_symbol Tyco <2011-01-17 04:52>
  Lol I think its a great depiction of KGS :) Keep up the good work.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol quarktime <2010-12-29 01:57>
  I believe I see DrStraw in there...

Very cool!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Athanor <2010-05-31 13:31>
  I can see bum(Jan Simara) smoking, sum(Robert Jasiek) reading ING rules, Javaness (Ian Davis) as an Admin Squirrel and Maci saying "haro", as usual.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-05-26 17:12>
  that would spoil the fun for all those trying to figure them out ^^
but if you really want to know the names, feel free to mail me!
Name_symbol <2010-05-25 17:18>
  Could you please provide all names? I can only see captain
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Athanor <2010-05-03 19:33>
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Zerua Wolfsbane <2010-05-02 20:49>
  I love it I'm going to save this as my background and never take it down lol ^^
Name_symbol filia <2010-03-26 01:32>
  Super cool image of KGS! )) You're great! )))
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