#028 Playing crisis
Both comments and the guestbook should be working again ^_^
I'll be at the EGC in Liberec drawing for you! www.egc2015.cz
now in Russian too! triangle.sente.ru
new items in the shop! T-shirts, prints and other stuff :)
the shop and the infobox section are finished and online! ^_^
I'm back to drawing again :)
I will be attending an anime event "Aki no Tamashii" in Amsterdam later this year - I did some comission work for the organizer of the event, the EGCC, which you can view in the related artwork section now.
Playing crisis
Creator's comments
First solo appearance of kitty :) I hope you guys don't mind I keep using references to previous strips.. just feel free to check them again if hello kitty doll and paperbag-covered dango do not ring a bell :P
I am drawing my own expirience again. I am out of my artists' block by now but I keep having something like a players' block for a longer time now. I lose against everyone (and appearantly everything too) and can't figure out how to get out of it. Any suggestions?
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Name_symbol john <2011-11-29 01:00>
  I'm guessing that most people, like myself, decided to read the comic though from the beginning, so references to previous strips are fine.
Name_symbol mike(ninja9684 on kgs) <2011-06-05 01:28>
  it always helps to play beginners.it can be a good ego boost.
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