#032 a tribute to Takemiya Masaki
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a tribute to Takemiya Masaki
Creator's comments
This will be probably the longest comment ever written to one of my E3A strips, so you better be prepared for some reading :)

The story of the #032 is so wonderful it's almost hard to believe..
Three months ago the Austrian go association president mailed me telling me that there will be a master course in Vienna for young strong players, organized by Kobayashi Chizu 5p, and that Takemiya Masaki 9p will come and teach there. I could not believe my eyes - Takemiya-sensei is my favorite player, I have seen over 250 of his games now... He was further asking me to draw a comic to that occasion which I agreed on happily; I had an idea almost instantly.
But I got so busy with other things that I never found the time to put it on paper, so the day of the masters course came and I still didn't have anything. Right after I arrived I grabbed a pencil and started to draw - Takemiya-sensei arrived soon so I could draw him pretty fast :)
The president liked the picture (so did Takemiya-sensei, which made me happy beyond measure) and came up with the idea of doing t-shirts for the pros, but it was Saturday and there was no way they could be printed until the course ended. Just the thought of Takemiya-sensei possessing something I created was incredible... I just drew the shirts in one long sleepless night myself, delivered them along with the picture and thought that's it - it wasn't.
Not only that the organizers awarded me with a set of slate and shell stones (I still can't believe it; there has to be some kind of law against weak players like me possessing those awesome things °_°) but the pros were really pleased with the t-shirts and gave me a fan with their signatures on it...
This strip is hanging in the Viennese go club "GO7" now, and I hope it will remind those people who go there regularly on the special event they had the opportunity to be part of - I learned more than I did in the whole year I am playing, and not only about go. I found my lost motivation again and gained the will to continue - and most of all I rediscovered my joy in the game. Thank you :)

For all the curious ones, here is one pic of the stones, and another one. ...and this is the signed fan I got and here's a pic of an unfinished t-shirt.

I will keep these short again, I promise ;)
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Name_symbol Orosan <2012-09-10 18:28>
  I am attending a tournament with a pro player, and I would like a signed fan from him (I have the white fan!)

What did Takemiya sensei used to write on your? I was thinking a large marker, but I am not sure if it is suitable :/

Name_symbol mike <2011-06-15 04:31>
of the*

sorry about that ;)
Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 01:50>
  you're really lucky. i'd love to make a living out of go. it would be onr ofthe best lobs in the world!
Name_symbol Kostas <2010-09-27 13:51>
  The most awesomest gift of all gifts in the world that fan. omg omg omg I'm so jealous >_<
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Ben <2010-08-30 19:55>
  That's freaking awesome. Congrats on a job well done. You definitely deserve all the kudos and gifts they bestowed on you!
Name_symbol Michi <2010-03-23 23:18>
  You should really get this to somewhere so we can get t-shirts out of this! Love it!
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