#033 Top Ten part I.
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Top Ten part I.
Creator's comments
I had this idea virtually out of nowhere - sitting at work and being all gloomy because of lack of inspiration. I took a pencil in my hand and said to myself "now you draw an e3a strip" and there it was - at first I only had three "things that make me nervous while playing", but while I was drawing nr. 2, other ideas kept popping out, so I decided to make a top ten out of it. here are the nr 10 to 6:

10.) "playing at tournaments"
Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I still get a bit jiggly and palm-sweaty when pushing the clock and putting down the first move ^^"

9.) "playing at tournaments in byoyomi"
...Now this is a huge step from nr. 10. Time pressure in go is a terrible thing, I avoid byoyomi where I can, and when I can't, I panic. I even had to quit a tournament because I got so nervous in byoyomi that I felt ill and could not continue.

8.) "playing online"
Don't ask me why, most of the people I know would give playing online a 20 on the 10-1 nervousness scale, but I am different here. I am still working on finding out why a on-screen board on an internet playing server has this effect on me.

7.) "playing rengo"
The tournament I mentioned under nr 9, the one I quit -- it was a rengo tournament. Rengo is nerve-wrecking for the weaker player, no matter how nice and not armed with any sharp objects the stronger partner is.

6.) "playing against a very strong player"
Now is there anybody who is *not* nervous in this case? I bet for a lot of people this is the candidate for nr. 1... but on my scale, bigger things will come, wait and see :D

as to the drawing itself, I am totally dissatisfied (maybe apart from the shaking chidori in the last one, that's pretty neat). I hope the next part turns out better :)
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 02:05>
  not all people on kgs play fast. there was one time i was playing a guy and he took 30-50 seconds per turn. the other thing is playing online is the only way for me to play people who roughly know what they're doing. all people i play personally are people i was the one to introduce the game.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Pearce <2011-05-28 20:54>
  I totally agree with 8.) - I have this fear because it seems like on KGS people play fast! I am really weak (18k) and I need more time to think, then people just get frustrated and leave the game. *sigh*
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