#034 Top Ten part II.
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Top Ten part II.
Creator's comments
The second part of "Top ten things that make me nervous when playing", numbers 5 to 1.
They need explaining this time, so..

5.) "playing against rei"
He might not be the strongest player in the world, but he certainly is the person I am most afraid to play. Don't we all have someone like that?

4.) "playing while being under alien attack"
Now seriously, doesn't it totally throw you off too?
I do realise this is totally random, that serves a purpose. If it is an alien attack or a green balloon floating by or a stray puppy looking at you while you play - I guess everyone has an unreasonable thing that makes him or her totally nervous out of any apparent reason. Let this stand for all of them if you want :)

3.) "playing while people are watching"
Most people will share this with me I assume. No matter what strength people have, I am pretty sure if a dozen or more people stare at you while you desperately try to come up with a move that wins you the fight and the game, everyone gets at least a bit nervous...

2.) "playing while people I know are watching"
This is even a step worse than nr. 3, especially when those people are your teachers, your lovers, or people you'd like to become your teachers and/or lovers :D

aand.. here it comes...

1.) "playing against somebody I have a mad crush on"
Well. So.. I think I'm not the only one putting this as the worst nervous-making occasion..
The guy I drew, he's a video-game character I happen to be totally in love with now (I know he's not real. So what? :D ) - the game is called half-life and the guy is Gordon Freeman. For those who not know these, google is your friend :D

Finally, I'd like to thank the emptytriangle.com room on KGS for helping me with various stuff (especially UTDEspy for providing a lambda sign. If you don't like it go complain to her :P) and apologize to Dr. Freeman for how terribly I drew him ^^"
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 02:13>
  your not the only one who like a video game character. ;)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Pearce <2011-05-28 20:56>
  Freeman definitely wouldn't kibitz ;)
Name_symbol Hunternif <2011-04-11 02:44>
  Freeman.. but.. why??
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Timothy <2010-12-08 09:34>
  Haha gordon freeman, nice XD
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