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Epic Game
Creator's comments
...or you could also call it "Playing a rengo tournament while being in byoyomi paired up with rei against Gordon Freeman and somebody really strong while people I know and don't know are watching and aliens attacking" but that would definitely not fit into the title margin would it. :)
The observing guy in the middle had this idea, combining all fears into one situation (online playing is missing but I have no clue how to involve that so it makes still sense), so I involved him into the strip.
Why the empty triangle (long time since its last appearance) declares war to Gordon Freeman is hopefully obvious :) Why the headcrab (alien species from half-life) is chewing on the poor dango, I can't explain. not much brain to chew on there..
..well. crazy one, I promise to calm down a bit again ^^" I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.
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Mail_symbol Name_symbol Random <2012-10-13 11:33>
  Cool picture )
All in one. But it looks like Freeman is all that matters no matter what ))
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