#036 E = mc^2
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E = mc^2
Creator's comments
It seems to me that about 70% of go players are either IT guys or math/physics guys.. so far I am very happy about this fact, since those are mostly the kind of people who don't mind my weirdness and mostly talk about stuff that interests me too.
Truth is, I suck at math. Like, really, REALLY badly. Yes, I can't multiply even (rei bought me a mug with all the multiplications printed on it, I think it says everything)... can I be a decent go player with so little feeling for logics and mathematics? I wonder a lot about that.
We are really going to do those go courses at the faculty next month, and I am terribly exited, I hope people will come and like it :)
(No it has nothing to do with my Gordon Freeman obsession and the fact that I found out they have a theoretical physics departement there <_<)
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Mail_symbol Name_symbol quarktime <2010-12-29 02:17>
  I firmly agree with this comic too...I was a theatre major with a comp sci minor, worked in IT for years, and now I'm a disabled webcartoonist. The only derivative I can define has to do with copyrights.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol melox <2010-03-28 03:07>
  While time you playing Go is passing, you will notice all that arithmetic stuff being more and more easy.
A subtle playing Go side effect.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol CaptainO <2010-03-15 11:15>
  From a nursing major, I have to say that I agree one hundred percent with this comic. Now I can handle my multiplication tables...but give me a problem involving one of those big S's and I'm lost. My friends at my old college (all computer science majors) reminded me of my oddness all the time.
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