#044 feline fuseki
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feline fuseki
Creator's comments
Many people have pets, many go players have pets too, but out of some reason go players tend to have cats. I keep seeing KGS info pictures with cats on/under/beside/at gobans, and in Berlin at a tournament one of the players had his cat with him even... I myself have rats (five), named after famous go players and formations (geeky as I am), and though I heard that a parrot can learn go, e.g. place stones on the board I assume, none of my rats can. One likes to steal go stones but that's all.
My point is, maybe go players have cats a lot because cats look like they can play, they just happen to not feel like it...
(Cat and its owner purely fictional, in case someone complains :P)
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Name_symbol dorerudo <2013-01-22 07:29>
  My two cats are named San-san and Komoku. See, you're not alone !! ^^
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Zac <2012-01-27 05:15>
  or because cats come in black and white most of the time
Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 06:22>
  i love cats. nuf said.
Name_symbol Hunternif <2011-04-11 03:04>
  haha, this is really funny!
Strangely enough, whenever I hear of stereotypes like this, I think "why am I still not a programmer and don't have any pets?" lol
Your drawings are marvellous
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Ernest <2010-10-28 00:41>
  Awww you just made me feel like a stereotypical go player =(. I'm a programmer and I have 3 cats. How worse can It get eh ;D?
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Focus <2010-07-22 12:41>
  I love it ^^,
A Go~playing cat is awesome!
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