#048 dead group heaven
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dead group heaven
Creator's comments
I visited a go club in Prague for the first time and the owner, Milos, suggested the thought about a heaven, where all dead groups would find their final peace. I loved that thought. Thanks!
I am one of those unfortunate go players that grow emotionally attached to their groups, even though I know it's bad for my skill I just can't help it - seeing a group of mine die away on the board and not being able to save it from its sad end fills me with despair and guilt each and every time. But I also feel for the groups of my opponent - I am a pacifist on the board, not wanting to get killed and not wanting to kill anything, going by the "I will give you whatever you want just for gods sake leave me alone please" principle. And lose by points in the end. *sigh*

Funny how some strips take just a few minutes to finish and others I have to spent hours drawing - this was one of the time-consuming ones but after what seems an eternity to me finally one I like myself!
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-15 05:08>
  it might, by connecting over to the side. eyes can be gained that way.
Name_symbol Jonathan <2010-11-28 20:58>
  I think that L-group will be able to escape.
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