#049 weakness
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I was sitting around in one of Prague's go clubs, being too scared to play a game, and even refused to play when I was invited to, claiming that I was too afraid to play and that I was weak anyway. The player asked what my rank was and was genuinely surprised about my 7 kyu - turns out he himself was double digit kyu strength. It lingered in my mind; suddenly I realised that I always assumed naturally that I am a weak player being only 7 kyu, and it never once occured to me that now, from the viewpoint of let's say a 14 kyu, I am "strong". He later sent me the nice idea for this strip, thanks :) I was so used to being always the weakest, it was always me taking handicap, always me asking questions... things sometimes change without us even noticing. I might be followed by an empty triangle, but there are people out there being chased by b2 bombers!
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 06:36>
  is this shape going to become a regular?
Mail_symbol Name_symbol John <2010-11-28 12:38>
  Yay! b2 bomber!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol alex <2010-11-18 09:41>
  He is in the striped shirt. Dose it mean you liked him?
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