#051 bad company
Both comments and the guestbook should be working again ^_^
I'll be at the EGC in Liberec drawing for you! www.egc2015.cz
now in Russian too! triangle.sente.ru
new items in the shop! T-shirts, prints and other stuff :)
the shop and the infobox section are finished and online! ^_^
I'm back to drawing again :)
I will be attending an anime event "Aki no Tamashii" in Amsterdam later this year - I did some comission work for the organizer of the event, the EGCC, which you can view in the related artwork section now.
bad company
Creator's comments
Back after what must seem like ages.
I had stuff to sort out in my life and at one time I even considered to discontinue the comic altogether, but decided instead to let it take the turn with me - I hope people who remained reading it will still enjoy it as much as I enjoy drawing it :)
The empty triangle seems to have run into some potentionally bad company here. Is it just me or does the water molecule look extraordinarily similar to the poor neglected triangle? Talk about natural shapes in go :)

The website is undergoing major reworking right now, expect not only regular updates but also opening of the info box and the online shop soon!
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