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One of the many things crucially different in go and science: Trying out new exciting ideas in go can kill your group, trying out new exciting things in genetics can kill you :]
I guess one of the reasons I should not follow my dream and study genetics is my urge to try everything out. My foolishness while trying to learn go resulted in poor decisions on the board, I guess one has to learn to contain himself sometimes.

I really like how labcoat-chido turned out in the first picture. That is why I dedicate this strip to a person strongly doubting her ability to look like a fearsome evil scientist :)
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-15 05:34>
  SO lucky! i cant stress that point enough. O.o
Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 06:45>
  you cant imagine how lucky you are to have a gf, THAT plays go!
Name_symbol Jonathan <2010-11-28 21:08>
  Isn't playing bad moves the best way to learn?!
Otherwise you wont know what is actually a bad idea.
Actually, today me and my gf sat down and tried to find out how a joseki should be played. We didn't look at standard moves, instead we tried moves that didn't work until we found one that did.
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