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computer go
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A topic that has eluded me until now, because I was largely unaffected by it - I don't play online and Rei once told me that playing bots will ruin my style so I never did.
Computer go is now a part of my life through my boyfriend, who is developing his own application for some time now as his master thesis. I think now it is quite exciting, seeing how difficult it is to come up with an efficient method to teach it to play sensibly - I guess one has to be pre-equipped with some basic IT knowledge (and interest) and have an opportunity to "look behind the scenes" to fully appreciate the issue.
The application pasky is developing is called "pachi" - and since he incorporated my name into it I felt obliged to give it a face. It is getting better and better (try playing against it on KGS), but still is like a small child: You painstakingly explain things to it, again and again, and it still runs off and sticks its fingers into flames or falls down ladders.
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Name_symbol dxxd <2010-03-29 13:47>
  Just brilliant. Always makes me smile :). You made them alive!
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