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helping out
Creator's comments
I drew this for three reasons - firstly, because I felt the need for a long time already to somehow express something I have noticed about go players: an amazing readiness to help out, and not only with tsumego or difficult board positions. Does this come as a result of the philosophy behind go, does playing this game help us become better people? Or does the game simply draw the attention of a specific kind of person in the first place?
Secondly, this is a small thank-you for one of those helpful go players, whose first intention was to play against me and who ended up explaining probabilities and Mendelian inheritance to me instead :)
And lastly, which is partly a reason for me almost not having posted this, is my lack of time for anything apart from studying for the university entrance exam I am planning to take soon. I will have to cut on drawing time too, so please excuse the poor quality of this strip - and that there probably will not be many updates in the following weeks.
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-15 06:31>
  seriously, whats with the ducks?
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-07-10 09:45>
  I failed it :(
I'm not giving up though, and will try next year again - thanks :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Elf-King <2010-07-10 09:24>
  ALL the best in your entrance examination!!
Name_symbol ....... <2010-05-27 23:25>
  love this one.
Name_symbol Morty <2010-05-21 18:20>
  and poor lamarck?

on mendel and his peas... if you leave a black go stone and a white go stone alone in a bowl long enough, will there be a bunch of grey baby stones? :)

Good luck with your learning!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol mafu <2010-05-10 02:39>
  Go Chido! />

Btw I remember the Mendelian system from school, I totally enjoyed it. Almost made me chose to study biology.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol quindo <2010-05-05 08:04>
  Yay! Your back :-D
Mail_symbol Name_symbol hanayeol <2010-05-03 11:19>
  Hi, I would appreciate your visit.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol InsanePat <2010-04-28 16:27>
  he he, i hope now you got it... so next time we can do the same with more genes, each having more alleles ;-)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol docgnome <2010-04-28 01:34>
  Hurray! I'm glad you included an explanation cause I was pretty confused.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Disruption <2010-04-27 00:24>
Thanks for the detail ^^ It really looks like me :P ^^
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