#060 compendium III
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compendium III
Creator's comments
You can now order a colored print of the compendium series here.

Third part of the ongoing compendium series!
It is great to follow in the comments the various sighting reports of the most peculiar behaviors of go playing people, and here are three that strike me as rather common, in one way or another:

A behavior glorified by some as the epitome of the self-confident go master, criticized by some as the most obvious opponent-intimidation strategy, and, and this is a personal view, a behavior that makes me want to hide under the table seeking cover (I got hit by a stone at near bullet-velocity once because someone who likes to play this way had slippery fingers.)
No real shattered boards were reported to me as of now, does not mean that it never happened though.

Known to almost all go players, the "wanderer", alternatively. This player is curious what is happening at the other boards, eager to take pictures of the players during the game, has a severe nicotine addiction or likes to pace around to calm himself - the reasons are numerous and highly variable. If two of these get paired up at tournaments, it is possible they actually meet at the board for the first time after the fuseki has been played already.

Less common at tournaments, and if it is the case, tends to restrict his vocal assertion of the game to occasional sighs or vague mumbling. Some specimen do not elaborate only on the current game on the board, topics can range from the story of his/her life to general remarks completely unrelated to anything at hand.
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-15 06:38>
  there are many times i wanted to throw a go stone at my brother. ^-^
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Born2BeKyu <2010-10-13 04:29>
  I see myself as board-shatterer and commentator.

If the game goes well for me, I smash the stones on the board and once I'm loosing, I start to comment how bad my last moves have been. ^^
Name_symbol gaius <2010-09-16 15:16>
  These Compendia are cool! Makes me think of:
- The Nazi (shushing everybody for making even the slightest noise)
- The View-Blocker (studies the board from 5 cm height)
- The Nail Biter, the Hair Chewer, the Finger-Rim eater, you name it ;)

As to beginners, I looove The Overconfident - "aaah, I play a bit of chess already... this game can't be too hard... a few months and I'll beat the regulars at the club... when can I become pro?"
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-09-01 14:40>
  a beginner compendium sounds like an awesome idea Ben :D
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Ben <2010-08-30 16:32>
  Love the compendium series. I think the next one should center around the kinds of new players that start learning Go! To shoot a couple off my head... the Overwhelmed (they can't even begin to comprehend the 19x19 board and where to start)... the Wannabe-Pro (try fancy things that are actually terrible)... That's all I can think of at the moment...
Name_symbol pfapfap <2010-08-29 01:33>
  Hahah, I am the commentator! I keep it down in tourneys, but in friendly games, I mutter the whole way through, tho' usually just about the game. I used to feel self-conscious about it, until I saw the strongest player in our local club doing it too.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Siu Hong Chung <2010-08-08 16:44>
  Props for your great work at the EGC2010. I myself am quite a "wanderer"
Dunno if it is mentioned already, but there are players who check YOUR time on the ING clock every few seconds...
Name_symbol Jani Johansson <2010-08-06 08:45>
  Thanks Chidori a lot from your T-shirt drawings in EGC2010 :)

Mail_symbol Name_symbol Jaakko Jäntti <2010-08-05 22:02>
  :D and there's my mail :D:D:D:D I don't really know why I bothered to write this last comment... ? people are strange.
Name_symbol <2010-08-05 22:00>
  WAAAAAAAAAAAAA it was so cool to get a T-shirt with your art in it, I was so excited when I realized that it was really you who was behind the table... :) I don't live in Tampere, I came from helsinki to see my x- girlfriend (don't ask me why :D) and I thought I'd have a look at the conference, (I didn't have a clue of what kind of thing it is) and it was SOOOOO COOOOL and can't thank you enough for the shirt, I'm wearing it right now. :) (I'm the guy who wanted the self-esteem course-shirt :))
Name_symbol Helionova <2010-08-01 17:44>
  "Remember: Never mess with Lars, not on the board and for gods sake absolutly not off the board."

Truth was spoken.
Name_symbol Ter <2010-07-24 23:01>
  The board-shatterer has a twin: the clock-shatterer, who hits the clock as hard as he can.
I played a tournament game against a clock-shatterer, he made so much noise that people around us were soon calling for silence. (The clock itself was in good shape, no reason to use force.)
Name_symbol <2010-07-22 17:35>
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Jonas <2010-07-13 12:48>
  While I was at the EGC in Gronningen I stayed in a house with (now a friend of mine) Lars, a 2 dan from Germany (that time he was the german wrestling youth champion).

One evening we played a game and I asked him why he is placing the stones so loud. He answered that it would give him some kind of confidence and that he could smack the stones with such a strength that they'd break. Ofc I didnt believe him... another 10 minutes after the talk, nearly 20 stones were broken into pieces.

Remember: Never mess with Lars, not on the board and for gods sake absolutly not off the board.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol docgnome <2010-07-13 03:47>
  I sometimes find myself being the commentator! :-p
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Scary <2010-07-13 03:27>
  You are doing such a great job... Just last month I thought about create an website like this... Even wrote some script for the first comics, but I didn't move on... You did, and you are awesome... Congratulations and keep with this nice job!
Name_symbol ilfuria <2010-07-12 22:09>
  Great, as usual!
Name_symbol Zeks <2010-07-10 10:24>
  Lol, so far I`m a manowar/contortionist/commentator/(occasional)shatterer type XD
Name_symbol cheddot <2010-07-09 19:26>
  LOL there is an 8d in my area who is an 'Absentee' player. It really ticks off some of his opponents, too xD
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