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unusual equipment
Creator's comments
Every go player seems to have his or her own personal favourite when it comes to playing equipment. I was visiting a friend who runs a board game equipment shop and he showed me a few of his go pieces - bamboo go board, jade stones... I am a fan of the japanese style thick kaya board and matching slate and shell stones, and simple bowls made of some elegant dark wood.
But what about some really unusual equipment? What is your dream-board like? Here are two that I came up with. I am actually building the Live Wire Board by the way - you can check on my progress here - and I am sure there are (or have been, given the ancient origin of the game) even more crazy boards.
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Mail_symbol Name_symbol Ryan <2013-06-24 06:07>
  I made the goban from Tron Legacy. I like it with single convex yunzi. Slate and shell are second favorite I guess. Also have a 6inch thick white oak with 5inch legs I made myself. Guess I prefer home-made?
Name_symbol <2012-07-27 04:07>
  I found a go board project on Internet made with Lego bricks. Yes, the Lego blocks.

It is about 14 by 14 inch sq. Black lines over yellow surface.

There is parts list, and construction instruction.
The black stones and white stone are also Lego blocks.

I did the price calculation and decide that it is out of my price range.
Name_symbol <2011-05-15 08:22>
  Why not a touch flat panel that read players' fingerprint as stones, and records game record? I think it is workable. It just does not have the good old traditional stone/wood feel.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol eridor <2010-11-10 17:40>
  What about colourful go stones? I mean:
Black has: blue, green and purple ones; White has: red, yellow and brown ones

Good for practicing your memory :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-10-13 12:47>
  Kysafen, your idea could be make reality on a multitouch table, like the Mircosoft Surface - the only one I ever had a chance to try out in person. Not sure about how sensitive it is in respect to the force with which you place the stone on it, but skins would be doable.

The Live Wire board had its premiere at a local tournament and I was astonished to find out how many people wanted to try it out - and even ended up playing more than one game on it! I assume some people like the adrenaline kick :]
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-10-13 12:40>
  @kuggel: brilliant idea! it looks great. I love the minimalistic approach. are the leds mounted on a wire grid? I'd love to play on that board ^^

Annasofia: I am not sure what you mean, but I upload every artwork related to the comic to this website, so if a picture you are looking for is not here, it is probably because I don't have a scanned version of it available.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Kysafen <2010-10-13 00:45>
  I'd like a touch-sensitive screen where you can import themes/skins. A "water" skin- when placing a stone- would cause a ripple effect in the background, and play various sound/visual effects depending on how hard you throw the stone down.

But a goban that electrocutes you? Seriously, how on earth could such a prospect interest you that you'd go so far as to make it?
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Annasofia 10 v. <2010-10-08 15:11>
  Käännös (suomi > englanti)
how can I watch other than these photos? it would be nice to know. Bed linen and friends has been a go-Congress and showed me the pictures today. her father has won awards go-games somewhat. and they fine. I would like to print them, but I can not find sites emptytriangle. comista other than one set of pictures but I do what I apply for them could you help me?
Name_symbol kuggel <2010-10-07 13:09>
  I have a go table with lighting points:
Mail_symbol Name_symbol tal sade <2010-09-21 23:14>
  i like turtles
Name_symbol Jester <2010-09-19 22:08>
  i personally love this idea: http://www.netgoban.com/index.php?pr=Product_Information
i love it so much, that i'm trying to make my own! though a bit more portable than that what i posted xD

@chidori, while i like the use of electricity in the project i very much dislike possibility of being zaped for no apparent reason >.<
think it we be much more fun to be zaped when trying to remove a once placed stone, like when your group has died. now that would be meaningful for both parties, tehehehe >:D
Mail_symbol Name_symbol fmbga <2010-09-17 22:49>
  Oh yeah, and check out the semiprecious go stones at http://www.algorithmicartisan.com/gostones/ !
If you're rich you may even be able to afford them.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol fmbga <2010-09-17 22:45>
  I'm intrigued to learn of that book b/c my grandma lived in Lüneburg. I recently spent a few days of my vacation to collect a full set of go stones on the shore of Lake Michigan. You can check it out at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/773623/go .

They host hundreds of go-related photos - I saw a smaller set there that was made of a beach towel and some glass beads, one with buttons for stones, one made for the blind, go-stone shaped cakes...
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Technomagier <2010-09-16 09:57>
  Semi-precious is a cool shot. I like that idea.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Prophet <2010-09-15 16:59>
  I have a go board made of foam...
my brother thanks me for that fact ;D
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-09-15 10:49>
  Ah yeah, titanium is light (I have a spork - combination of spoon and fork - made from it and it is suprisingly light), could be done.
Stones are hard to pick. I don't think wooden stones would be comfortable to handle because wood is light, they wouldn't be much stable.. maybe with an iron core? I think maybe semi-precious stone would be a cool material, and those are actually for sale.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Technomagier <2010-09-15 09:46>
  For metal, it would be surprisingly light b/c titanium ist very light, also compared to alluminium. It is often used for expensive but confortable, nearly invulnerable, Eyeglasses. So this goban will survive your game against Gordon Freeman at an alien invasion.

But wich Stones? I like the idea of wooden stones, with an ebony and ivory style. But I didn't know, if they will be a good teamup for the metal look of the goban.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Kos <2010-09-14 19:21>
  @Moonpig - recording a game from a goban isn't really difficult, all you need would be a PC with a webcam + OpenCV + some code :) I'm actually considering to take this up, but I'm kind of lazy recently. >_>
@Chidori - good luck and congratulations for actually taking this up, not only stating "hmm, this could indeed by fun" and forgetting :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Ben <2010-09-14 15:24>
  Haha. I love the liquid nitrogen.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-09-14 10:18>
  Technomagier, that sounds awesome. Would be quite futuristic looking - but also quite heavy, no? What kind of stones would you use to play on that?
Kos, sounds interesting. I was actually thinking of expanding the Live wire Goban to a joseki-learning device based on operant conditioning :D I am building just a 9x9 board though, nailing and wiring up 361 intersections would have been too much work XD
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Technomagier <2010-09-14 08:01>
  I'm dreaming of a Goban just designed by white tin an dark blue Titanium steel. I've seen this materials nicely worked together for music instruments, and they look elegant together.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol moonpig <2010-09-13 21:31>
  I love this one so much! And good luck on your project ~ maybe some goban with a built-in PC that records a game record whilst you play.. THAT would be awesome.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Kos <2010-09-13 21:29>
  Well, your Live Wire Board's not a new invention - in the book I mentioned there was a metal chessboard which would zap the player upon trying to play a bad move. :)

Quite a nice book BTW, much more serious than what the above item might suggest. And the overall message's applicable to Go also.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-09-13 20:55>
  No I have not, please elaborate :D
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Kos <2010-09-13 20:05>
  Um... Have you, by any chance, read "The Luneburg Variation" by Paolo Maurensig? :)
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