#064 pachi dreams
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pachi dreams
Creator's comments
It is at the same time amazing and unsettling how strong go playing computer programs have become since I took up playing go just a few years ago. I am glad to be able to see a bit into the background of the developement of one of them - pachi is to a large part the work of pasky, with whom I happen to live together.
I think the reason why I like the whole idea of go playing bots is in the way they do it - at the heart of pachi (and other similar programs) lies true randomness, and there is something factinating about how randomness can be harnessed in such an elegant way. I like to think that we don't really know what's going on in his algorithms, maybe he really dreams? :)
Incidentally, pachi is playing at the EGC2011 computer tournament at the moment, so go cheer for him! He will be kind to you once he takes over the world... ;)
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Name_symbol <2012-06-06 00:27>
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2011-10-08 18:41>
  jenj, yes :) and at the same sound the placement of a stone makes on the board in japanese, the kanji translates as "pachi" :D
Mail_symbol Name_symbol jenj <2011-10-07 10:04>
  pachi is a pa_sky+chi_dory??
Name_symbol dxxd <2011-08-16 18:41>
  simply.great.welcome back.
Name_symbol LennStar <2011-08-08 20:01>
  Nice to see you back Chidori!

btw to your last one: Do you know this "game"? http://fold.it/portal/
I always thougt it is like Go in 3D (and thats the reason why Computers really suck at the protein folding).
Look in the blog to read what fantastic results the game made for Science.
Name_symbol mike <2011-08-05 02:26>
  again, i love it! glad to see pachi back. :)

(friend of gigazords)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol gigazord <2011-08-03 21:10>
  ha! Pachi looks awesome ... if anybody ever builds a machine like that I'll be the first to buy it. I've got to wonder though, is it an antenna or a wine opener?
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Frank <2011-08-01 17:19>
  If you're serious about building a nuclear reactor, you may want to read "The Radioactive Boyscout". True story of a teenager, I believe in Detroit, who attempted to build a reactor in the back yard. Authorities finally found out about it when his car was stopped with parts of his reactor in the trunk, and had to cart off half of the back yard to a radioactive waste site...
Name_symbol turbo nerd <2011-07-31 13:48>
  he is like Golem XIV :]
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2011-07-31 13:42>
  ...oh well, I always wanted to build a living-room-sized nuclear reactor... :)
Name_symbol sutech <2011-07-31 13:24>
  reminded me of the server with 768 Intel Atom cores. Maybe with that kind of processing power he would be a really strong player. It's a bummer that it costs about $250k and eats 3.5kW power.
Name_symbol sheeryjay <2011-07-31 12:28>
  Seeing it alive, it seems much better and entertaining than I feared it would be. Really great work making me overcome my sadness of computers becoming better and better at go! :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol UsF <2011-07-31 12:03>
  Good to have you and the comics back. Really awesome work. :)
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