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...so it my first day of school tomorrow and my first lecture will be in evolutionary biology - this came to my mind and I drew it, so that it may bring me luck maybe?
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Name_symbol Warwick <2011-10-27 08:50>
  I always look forward to reading your comics -- they are fantastically illustrated and always contain that grain of truth that leaves me smiling. You should make some into posters (like this for example). I would love to have one showing in my dorm! Awesome job.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2011-10-22 18:47>
that has never happened to me before, it is strange... I tried sending you an email with a different email address you can use, so let me know if that fails too!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol LennStar <2011-10-20 15:35>
  Chidori, I only get an error message if I try to answer your mail.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error.

SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<xxxemailxxx>:
host aspmx.l.google.com []: 550-4.2.1 The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail at a rate that
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Mail_symbol Name_symbol Helge <2011-10-08 14:39>
  yeah finally new things from you^^
Its been so long :-) thanks for the new stuff
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2011-10-06 18:07>
  oooh that depends. this one was a quickie, I did all the planning in my head and then made a fast pencil sketch over which I drew directly. maybe half an hour? but there are some that take a while, since I have to find a way first how to express what I have in mind.
Name_symbol mike (yeah its me) <2011-10-06 02:19>
  so how long does it take to draw one of these now? certainly you've had practice.
Name_symbol Noir Kamui <2011-10-04 18:57>
  Goooooooooood LUCK! :) And I love how you can pick your inspiration out of almost anything :) amazing! Keep it up :)
Name_symbol spooke <2011-10-03 13:19>
  Just as Peter Grifin would say: "SWEET NEHEHEHEHEHEH"
Name_symbol Christopher <2011-10-03 00:32>
  so true
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Pogo <2011-10-02 23:55>
  Good luck tomorrow, chido.
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