#069 my life
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my life
Creator's comments
I apologize for the unusual wide-sized strip, but it doesn't really work well when arranged differently.
Just something I noticed. I have many things in my life, and I often wondered if there is something they all have in common - this is for some reason the outcome. Have you ever wondered what unites your interests, apart of them all being yours? :)
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Name_symbol an english professer <2011-12-21 06:58>
  *takes pipe out of mouth*

i am here to humblely note that, you chidori, who has many fans, all who love this article, have not written a comic in over two months. best not keep fans waiting.

*puts pipe in mouth*

*blows smoke ring*

( XD)
Name_symbol <2011-12-21 06:48>
  groovy, you be perv.
Name_symbol Groovy <2011-12-18 08:41>
  Even 69 is shape!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Frank <2011-12-14 17:50>
  In spacetime, even timing is shape
Mail_symbol Name_symbol mateo <2011-12-10 06:41>
  exactly as Martino says, but i would put it better as Topology, the archetypal/mathematical configurations of reality. Have you people made connections between the psychedelic perceptions of the universe and Go? I mean natural drugs, the I-Ching, Alchemy, Yoga, etc. and other practices or paradigms of reality that open windows to the chaotic, fractal and informational spectrum of nature, Go as a living image of the ‘Source Software’ of life.

If anyone shares some of this 'madness' mail me, and let’s play :)
Name_symbol anonomous super fan <2011-12-05 00:38>
  MORE COMICS!!!! (please? :D )
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Juergen <2011-11-30 15:34>
  I like this presentation, it gives a small taste of the exiting approach from real live to the game of go :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Martino <2011-11-14 10:36>
  I love it! Yes it is all about strucures. Micro cosmos, the game of go with its 10 to the power of 760 variations, DNA, circuits in a microchip and the power of the creative. The sum is life.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Jon <2011-11-06 02:42>
  I thought it was funny :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Marlin <2011-10-26 22:09>
  For me my life is all about timing, I am still getting the shape part down it seems x.x.
Name_symbol Lars <2011-10-24 20:26>
  Hi! Great cartoons! :) I'm a teacher, and I encounter many different people and situations every day. Go technique and, dare I say philosophy, acually teaches me how to handle my job in a good way.

Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2011-10-23 22:13>
  you are absolutely right mike, it's not really funny... but I just felt like drawing it. at first I dismissed the idea as not funny at all, and then I thought, what the hell, it's my comic. so here it is.
and yes, it's hard to pin it down what it is that makes your interests come together. just shows noone is simple (just me? XD)
I never thought of combining my two drawing styles... but you are right, it would be an interesting effect :D
Name_symbol <2011-10-23 22:01>
Name_symbol mike <2011-10-23 22:00>
  oh, by the way, i thought it would be interesting if sense your comic style is very simple, that you but one spot of really intricate art(ya know, the type that MAKES you stop and stare in amazement(i know you can do it))in this comic. the contrast between simple and complex would be awesome to see. :)
Name_symbol mike (9684) <2011-10-23 21:45>
  wow. i like it. its not funny, but instead, very interesting.

its hard to answer that question for me because allthough all my interests do seem linked,it can not be expressed one or two words.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Hollow Barista <2011-10-23 15:21>
  Yay! There is a link between go and dancing(and tea, coffee,waitering,culinarism,music and tailoring for me anyways.)!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Aleksandar <2011-10-22 22:27>
  Pragmatism for me. If i can't make use of what I can do and what I know on something else, I will not do it. That's why I started playing Go and dancing, e.g.
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