#022 It's byoyomi time
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It's byoyomi time
Creator's comments
It's not a phoby, exactly... More like an illness, you could say I am byoyomically challenged - or, simply put, playing in byoyomi equals loss of 5 to 8 ranks as far as I am concerned. Under time pressure, my poor skills just collapse; it's like a vicious circle: I can't concentrate because I know I have to read and think fast and I can't because all I do is tell myself to concentrate, so I usually just use my 30 seconds time with "crap time runs out time runs out must move fast must think now no time *slam*"
I've heard of players who perform their best when in byoyomi and find enjoyment in actually let the ing-clock claim "nine" before slamming down the stone and on the button. Probably just myths though.
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-06 07:40>
  one of the msny strips you've done that made me about cry laughing so hard.

i see empty triangle has a cousin,
Name_symbol Annie <2011-01-25 01:38>
  Oh, and good luck playing blitz. xD
Name_symbol Annie <2011-01-25 01:37>
  HAHAHA i love it
Name_symbol <2010-11-17 00:40>
  this one *really* made me laugh
many thanks
Name_symbol Barathorn <2010-03-18 15:13>
  Actually i enjoy byoyomi ^^
Opps are not sure what to do while i am turning the game to my advantage again ,)
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