#038 Learning to teach
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Learning to teach
Creator's comments
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The courses at the faculty of mathematics and physics are over! It was fun, and I learned how hard it is to teach. This strip rounds up what is partly my own expirience (like for example the attendees being horribly scared of me and I really did make cookies ^_^), and what I think may be a big mistake when teaching beginners.. going too deep might do more damage than not explaining enough - I kept forgetting to explain what ko is, but the players found out by themselves mostly anyway :D
I am a bad teacher, but it's not something one can't learn with time, right?
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Name_symbol Benoit <2012-04-09 20:48>
  Wow, I recognized the ear-reddening move ! I'm so proud of myself. Next step : playing a move like that in a game.
Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 02:38>
  sheldon and lenard are theoretical phisicist!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-12-11 00:46>
  actually, I have found a simple way to draw the 19x19 grid without fuss, so no problem there :) if I have to place stones on it, yeah, that takes time XD
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Ernest <2010-10-23 02:39>
  Oh wow, you copied the ear-reddening game to Shusaku's divine move perfectly, drawing a go board probably takes you more time than drawing everything around, right =D?
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