#057 compendium II
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compendium II
Creator's comments
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Let's continue the collection!
Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas in the comments to compendium I, many of the mentioned player types I already had planned, even drawn, many didn't occur to me originally but struck me as types I might even have met myself at tournaments.
Here are three more types of players you might run into; I certainly have. Did you? Please share your sightings of these particular species in the comments with me!

Having many subspecies largely depending on taste in music, this is a very widespread type. Taste and opinions may vary here, but I am not very fond of opponents who spend their tournament game against me with earphones plugged in, listening to whatever makes them play/concentrate/calm themselves better, as they tend to claim when asked about it.

Probably a rare species, and I do not hesitate to say, rightfully so. They come in all ages and genders - my first experience with this particularly unnerving type of opponent behavior was in a tournament game against a little boy, who seemed to be trying to strangle me with the sheer force of his stare during the entire game. Sometimes it helps to stare back. When it doesn't, well, there isn't much you can do.

Another common species - also quite variable in reference to both their building skill and imagination. Some settle with repeating simple patterns all over their part of the table, some build entire multi-dimensional structures out of most of their bowls content, sometimes incorporating captured stones into the structure. Either way, they can be annoying sometimes, especially if their hands get shaky during the game progress.
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Name_symbol mike (ninja9684) <2011-06-05 07:32>
  i gave my type in last comic. i find it quite awesome. ;)
Name_symbol gaius <2010-09-16 15:01>
  Chinese stones are perfect for The Architect! Also, they should get bonus stones for building things with stones standing on their side!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-07-04 16:12>
  well, if one is attempting to build structures out of go stones with shaking hands, they tend to be prone to collapse :) not so problematic with flat layouts, but I had my concentration disrupted by architect types that got shaky - frantically collecting fallen stones from the floor, from all over the table..
Mail_symbol Name_symbol logan <2010-06-29 18:13>
  Haha, I'm sometimes the Architect too. I don't build any laege items or layouts which may potentially distract the opponent. I organize when I'm a bit bored of the board position, or have something else on my mind and don't want to become too detached from the game. I don't quite understand the 'shakey hands' segment.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Domgo <2010-05-17 18:10>
  The creepy stare is nicely drawed:P Is there really people like that! I will try it on a game once jk. Isn't the man with the music annoying?
Name_symbol <2010-04-12 19:40>
  LMAO!! )
Name_symbol Kaiko <2010-03-12 02:44>
  I'm the architect. :/ I can't help it, I like building things!
Name_symbol cheddot <2010-03-12 01:54>
  #3: My type. D:
Name_symbol shawbee <2010-03-08 23:37>
  * Ouija players:
These guys put the stone on the board a leave one or two fingers on it. Then, as they read, start moving to different local positions to see where it "fits"... it seems as if they were waiting for a voice from beyond to let them know when to stop. =)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol InsanePat <2010-03-08 11:05>
  Ah, i didn't play much irl up to now, but if i did i might become guilty of the first one, especially if I'm too anxious or if the surroundings are too calm - can't stand silence, reminds me of bad memories, and wakes my tinnitus '_' - and it does help to concentrate too :-p
Name_symbol MachinShin <2010-03-07 23:22>
  Wow, great choice of a song for the first one! Now I can't get it out of my head.
Fortunately I don't need an external device, all "attack" songs are burned in my brain already ;-)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-03-07 22:34>
  heh now that is an effect of the architect species I haven't considered :D maybe there was one of them at the tournament you mentioned, hoarding all of the stones for his sculptures :D
Name_symbol Ter <2010-03-07 22:28>
  The Architect: Now, this guy has a lot of stones! His bowl is full over the top AND he has additional stones to build a huge tower. ;-)

It strikes me because I was on a tournament today and I saw I guy running around at the beginning of a round and "borrowing" stones from the bowls of his neighbours, because his own bowl was so empty that it wouldn't last for the game.
Name_symbol <2010-03-07 21:59>
  FIRST! ;D great as always ^^
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