#039 Single-digit kyu
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Single-digit kyu
Creator's comments
A few weeks ago, I oficially reached 9k. I was considerably happy, but does that really mean anything significant? The leap between 1k and 1d is regarded as something extraordinary, but when I made my tiny step from DDK to SDK, I at least wanted to draw it :)
I still think it is something special, I wonder how others feel about it.
And, do others also have this nostalgic moments of thinking back to the times when they were total beginners? One can never un-learn his go skills, and I feel that being a complete beginner has something comforting about it..
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Mail_symbol Name_symbol horseplay <2012-04-19 03:50>
  You're probably a dan player by now, but congrats. This was actually a big achievement. It shows that you love the game and all.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol GigaDude <2011-09-21 07:17>
  OOOOMMMGGGG I'm like, SO CLOSE to SDK. Driving me nuts. And Tygem people keep beating me.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol toobadforu <2011-06-15 18:21>
  yes, it was a great feeling having a single digit kyu :)
nice comics, btw!
Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 02:43>
  at the moment im ranked 18k. w/ ddk considered beginners to sdk, yes, it is something to celebrate.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Tomi <2010-07-24 10:00>
  Typo in comments: officially.

Wonderful comic strip.
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