#041 popsicle
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Creator's comments
This is a comic that was "born" at congress in Leksand, and is probably one that I thought up fastest from all the other strips - one evening the congress bulletin editor caught me, took me to his office and said "draw a comic for the next bulletin, now" :D So, the only thing I could think of in such a hurry, was something that happened to me just a few hours before: I was playing a friendly game and losing badly, so I wanted to comfort myself with some ice-cream, and because I like trying out new stuff, I got one I have never seen before - a popsicle that looked like a giant black go stone. And tasted more salty than anything I ate before... So, not everything that looks like go, is as good as go. In fact, only very little things are as good as go :)
Congress was great, I hope to get around to draw some more experiences I made there..
Oh and by the way. "blä" is swedish and means "yuck" ;)
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