#043 don't mix
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don't mix
Creator's comments
...gee this one turned out sooo cheesy ^_^"
But the background behind this is true, or am I wrong? Am I the only one who observed this effect? I am sure there is a complex scientific reasoning available somewhere to back up this little theory of mine, but I will just claim it out of my own expirience: Being in love means at least two stones down in go strength. The few days since I am having a relationship, I am unable to play a single decent game - I hope this is only a temporary effect, I still have a faint belief that I will improve one day :)
On the contrary, I have noticed that when you feel bad, you play better... it's not always true, but I saw a friend playing yesterday, crushing his opponent, and he told me how angry he is. I'd love to hear more opinions on this!

(...and is it just me, or is my drawing skill worsened too? >_<)
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Name_symbol TsuQ <2011-07-30 12:14>
  I think different emotions make you tend toward playing in different ways. If playing when angry makes someone seem stronger, maybe they are underestimating their fighting strength. If you play too peacefully though, I think it is very easy to lose. Your opponent will usually try to take enough so that they will win, even if it shouldn't be possible, so at some point you will have to stop them.
Name_symbol Anonymous <2011-07-04 09:07>
  Yeah.. I know exactly what you mean about love and Go not mixing very well. I always get too distracted by my crush to play the game properly. x.n;
Name_symbol mike <2011-06-05 06:18>
  (obviously logan has a masters degree in this) one of the things i like about your style is that you stay rudimentry. it works better. and what if you find a spouce that loves go? does it mix then? i hope so. ^.^
Mail_symbol Name_symbol logan <2010-06-29 18:26>
  Please be careful not to confuse the emotion of anger with all emotions that fall under the umbrella of "bad." Anger sometimes enable people to concentrate more, while depression, for example, would more likely cause a lack of concentration and effort. However, anger--and other negative emotional states--won't cause improvement and growth in the long-run. They cause extra mental and physical stress, causing one to tire more easily and thus become less able to focus and efficiently improve for longer periods of time.
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