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got one what now
Creator's comments
The initial seed for this idea was provided by Ilfuria, a KGS fellow, during a discussion in the empty triangle room on the server. He was wondering about not improving and got the (quite sensibly common) advice to "get himself a dan, then". Which is, I guess, for some people not so easy as it was for me, I had someone who didn't only teach me go but continued to guide me continuously throughout my slow steps towards becoming a decent player. But what about others? Where do other players "get their dan" from? I hope noone has to succumb to such drastic measures as pictured here :)
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Name_symbol mike (ninja9684) <2011-06-05 07:23>
  "get yourself a dan"...
put the picture of chid0ri draging that guy, and it would be a perfect t-shirt!
Name_symbol ani <2010-02-27 23:42>
  "had"? :(
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Marco <2010-02-12 10:48>
  I was also lucky to have a dan player in our club... and two 1kyu's and all of them teach in a different way... but now... two of them gone, i schould realy think about getting me a new dan player @_@
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Random 12kyu <2010-02-11 14:16>
  :D This reminds me of a day in our go club, when we got ourselfs a 5-7dan player to teach us. I didn`t know that he was a strong player, even though I had heard a lot about him, since he is a go genious. I asked him if he knew how to play go. I was suprised about the answer cause he looked like a 15- year- old... :D
Name_symbol <2010-02-07 23:59>
  The dans are dans because they are good at evading traps. Therefore, its not easy to catch one, sometimes the only chance is to form a kyu-pack and hunt together :)
Name_symbol Kaiko <2010-02-05 03:23>
  xD Lol. "Get yourself a dan..." That should be a KGS Memorable Quote.
Name_symbol Gaya <2010-02-02 19:58>
  ahaha, nice xD
Name_symbol Andreas <2010-02-02 10:41>
  Heh, at our local club the problem was almost the other way round. Our regulars were 4 danplayers and one eternal 4k, and we had no beginners for two or three years. Fortunately, we had a bunch of beginners recently, and I think two of them are going to stay, one of them with dan potential, the other for social reasons. The promising player now has the advantage of having several enthusiastic danplayers regularly teaching him, reviewing his 16k kgs games etc...
Name_symbol Nessuno <2010-02-01 12:24>
  well... I had a few problems finding a dan player... and you know: dans can be quite busy all the time!
It's a great strip btw!
Name_symbol Warlord <2010-01-31 14:51>
  hmm but what about those poor dans? i sure hope they wont get the same idea with pros :)
Name_symbol Marcus <2010-01-31 10:23>
  well, "my dan2 surrendered himselfe...no need for any action from my side :)

a very nice 2 Dan from hannover helped me (and now others who just started go) by playing 9x9 and later 13x13 and gave reviews after every game...sometimes playing 3 13x13 simul and reviewing them all, i was very impressed :)

my biggest success is a jigo with 7 handicap stones i'm very proud of

and for now there are some good Kyu players and a few Dans willing to help at hannover, so i never had problems with finding "my Dan" :)
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